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An essential part of keeping a stylish home is having a place for everything. Most of us know this is easier said than done!

This month we will focus on the armoire, just one of the many ways to organize your home; in fact, it's not only a way to organize with style, but with decorative flair.

Whether you want to keep things out of view or showcase them in the spotlight, the armoire might be the answer.

As you develop storage and organization solutions, look for options with a decorative flair. Today's armoires are available in dozens of styles, designs, colors and sizes.

An armoire is a large, often ornately carved cabinet. It might be tall or short, wide or narrow. An armoire normally stands alone as opposed to being built into the wall, thus making it easy to reposition when redecorating.

Armoires can depict excellent carving or have a wide range of ornamented pieces. Various abstract patterns, tribal patterns, retro patterns, and traditional patterns can also be carved onto the furniture.

A little history for you: Originating in France, the earliest armoires were created to store, not surprisingly, suits of armor. Fast forward a few centuries and we find a dramatic decrease in the armor space requirement. Thank goodness this resourceful cabinet continues to reinvent itself! Far more flexible than the wardrobes of old, today's stylish armoires house any number of unique items, while serving as beautiful and functional focal points in the home.

Need a place to store clothing and linens? How about the ideal spot to showcase collectibles or dinnerware? During this electronic age, today's armoires often accommodate a complete home entertainment system or even conceal a home office. You can get rid of the clutter in a moment's notice by simply closing the doors. From clean-line contemporary styles to 18th century traditional, today's armoires are crafted of materials as diverse as formal cherry and mahogany to relaxed whitewashed and painted pine.

So go ahead and imagine the armoire of your dreams. No doubt, it's out there just waiting to serve all your storage and organizational needs. In fact, an armoire is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can purchase.

Here are just a few of the many uses of an armoire:
  • In a Guest Room
    • Add an Extra Closet
  • In a Home Office
    • Hide a computer, printer, fax machine, and files
  • In a Child's Room
    • Store Baby Clothes
    • Stash the Toys
    • Homework Help Center
  • In the Kitchen
    • Conceal Pots, Pans, and Dishes
  • In the Dining Room
    • China Storage
    • Flat Storage for Linens
  • In the Entry Hall or Foyer
    • Storage for Backpacks, Shoes, and Jackets
  • In a Family Room or Living Room
    • Hide a Television
    • House your Stereo and Video Equipment
    • Store Games and Activity Kits and Hobby Equipment
    • File your Music and Instruments
    • Archive your Memories
  • In a Bedroom
    • Clothing Storage
    • Accessory Organizer
    • Make-Up Center
    • Entertainment Center
  • In a Bathroom
    • Store Linens
    • Store Cleaning Supplies
This Is Not Your Father's TV Cart!

A plasma TV armoire is a great idea for living rooms that need something more than a plasma TV stand, but something less than a full-blown plasma entertainment center. A plasma TV armoire makes a style statement, yet has plenty of room for all your entertainment equipment.

Today's television armoires hold the plasma TV, Direct TV receiver, home theater unit, DVD's and more. On top, you can easily decorate it with vases, greenery, or decorative plates on stands. Your armoire can be a very classic style or totally contemporary. Either way, it will pull the room together. The plasma TV armoire can be your most elegant piece of furniture.

Things You Need to Know About a Plasma TV Armoire

First thing is to know where you are going to put it before you buy it. This is mainly because armoire doors can work in a variety of ways. Some open 180 degrees, some 270, while some open 90 degrees and slide on tracks into the back of the unit.

Also remember, there are corner armoires. Second, make sure your shelves are versatile. Being able to accommodate different sizes and different pieces of equipment is essential. You'll want your armoire significantly longer than your home theater system so all the entertainment components will fit properly. Do you need drawers or do you want swing out doors on the top and bottom? If you like having drawers to use as catch-alls for remotes, gaming system components, and whatever else you find laying around, then definitely look for an armoire with drawers on the bottom.

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